List of 225 Different Biology Research Topics

Finding research topics in biology and other interesting biology topics to research can be difficult at times, and if you’ve ever asked “what are some good biology research topics”, then this article is for you. Here are 225 different biology research topics and topics related to biology.

Biology Topics to Research

Here are new biology research paper topics and biology research proposal ideas that can be chosen as research topics for biology majors. If you’re looking for good biology topics for research paper, then look no further. With this list, you never have to ask again, “what are some biology topics to write about?”

  1. Prevalence of antibiotic resistance
  2. Bone marrow transplants in sickle cell treatment
  3. Superiority of asexual reproduction over sexual reproduction
  4. Bioremediation
  5. DNA evolution
  6. Antibiotic resistance as a blessing
  7. Splicing in treating congenital deformities
  8. Superiority of sexual reproduction over asexual reproduction
  9. Importance of a stable sleep cycle
  10. Effects of music on neurodivergence
  11. Animal regeneration
  12. Adaptation in birds
  13. Role of T-cells in cancer
  14. How the brain recycles information
  15. Negative effects of probiotics
  16. Effects of potassium ash on plants
  17. Transport systems in brain cells
  18. Effectiveness of transport proteins
  19. Flaws of transport proteins
  20. Human auto-immune diseases
  21. Genetic mapping of the Benjamin Button disease
  22. Evolution of parasites
  23. Symbiosis between fungi and trees
  24. Transport system in plants
  25. Effects of plant hormones on humans
  26. The superiority of GMO over natural microorganisms
  27. Antibiotic resistance in animals
  28. Organisation in hormones
  29. Allergens in vaccines
  30. Innate immunity versus acquired immunity
  31. Complications from grafting
  32. The adaptation of memory cells
  33. Treatment of osteoporosis
  34. The genetics behind down syndrome
  35. Signal transport throughout the CNS
  36. Formation of neurones
  37. How human behaviour affects animals around them
  38. How human behaviour affects plants around them
  39. Drug resistance as a form of evolution
  40. Evolution of DNA technology in treating human diseases
  41. Evolution of DNA technology in treating animal diseases
  42. Application of DNA editing in treating congenital malfunctions
  43. The science of neurobiology
  44. Effectiveness of the paleo diet
  45. Complications of human cloning
  46. Cloning in animals versus plants
  47. Ethical questions in human cloning
  48. Usefulness of rodents in medicine
  49. The effectiveness of keto diets
  50. Adverse effects of sunscreen
  51. Effects of ultraviolet rays on plants
  52. Effects of electricity on the brain
  53. Use of vibrations in regulating blood flow
  54. Effects of noise pollution on foetal development
  55. Effects of noise pollution on the brain
  56. Hormonal causes of osteoporosis
  57. Potassium and calcium in managing osteoporosis
  58. The efficiency of anti-retroviral drugs
  59. Rhesus factor in foetal development
  60. Using the DNA as a storage device
  61. Effective storage methods for DNA
  62. The use of DNA in creating personalised products
  63. Genetic evolution in increasing longevity
  64. The use of genetics in creating personalised food
  65. Ethical concerns involving GMOs
  66. The use of genetics in forensic science
  67. Ethical concerns over DNA-personalised products
  68. Nanomaterials in the food industry
  69. Nanomaterials in the cosmetic industry
  70. Harmful effects of toothpaste
  71. Hypersensitivity in animals
  72. Effects of acid rain on vegetation
  73. The benefits of biodegradable materials
  74. Reaction of plants to trace elements
  75. Nanotechnology in surgery
  76. Effects of serotonin on the brain
  77. Medical advancement in weight management
  78. The placebo effect
  79. Effects of lead poisoning
  80. Calcicosis in young children
  81. Effectiveness of homeopathy in treating illnesses
  82. Reasons for calcification in the body
  83. Psychological effects of dopamine
  84. Impact of radio waves on foetal development
  85. Immortality in jellyfishes
  86. Problems of plant grafting
  87. How genetics affects obesity
  88. Hormones as transporters

Biology Related Research Topics

Aside from biology research proposal ideas, there are several other new biology related research topics. These topics guarantee great grades, and here are some examples.

  1. The use of hypnosis in medicines
  2. Relationships between birth control pills and depression
  3. The ecology of marine biology
  4. The occurrence of male pregnancy
  5. Overgrazing in aquatic environments
  6. Advancements in plant extraction technology
  7. Growth enhancement in plants
  8. Growing plants without soil
  9. The use of fungi in accelerating plant growth
  10. Causes of stress in plants
  11. The link between diet and sustainability
  12. How geography affects fertility
  13. Food poisoning from roadside foods
  14. History of Gram staining
  15. Light microscope versus electron microscope
  16. Etymology of the Ebola virus
  17. Fundamental cloning principles
  18. Congenital defects that are hereditary
  19. Auto-immune diseases in animals
  20. Hypersensitivity in plants
  21. The use of melatonin in medicine
  22. Mankind’s dependence on rainforests
  23. Overdependence on synthetic products
  24. How microorganisms influence depression
  25. Gut microorganisms and eating disorders
  26. Gene therapy in modern times
  27. The body’s natural defence against cancer cells
  28. Contributions of gene therapy in medicine
  29. Relationship between infections and probiotics
  30. Mental retardation in animals
  31. Mitigating potential weaponisation of hazardous pathogens
  32. Does the brain really “delete” information?
  33. The REM sleep stage
  34. False memories
  35. How the psyche affects physical health
  36. Stress and wellness
  37. Neural mapping
  38. Psychosocial development of infants
  39. Do genes predispose aggression?
  40. Genotype prediction: fact or hoax?
  41. How empathy can help patients heal faster
  42. Relationships between PCOS and diabetes
  43. Causative factors of PCOS
  44. Genetics and polycystic nephritis
  45. Treatment of polycystic nephritis
  46. Is PCOS a disorder of the brain?
  47. Brain fog: causes, prevention and treatment
  48. Insulin in PCOS treatment
  49. How PCOS affects CSF and brain matter
  50. Pathology of neurodegenerative diseases
  51. PTSD in children
  52. Dangers of Pavlovian conditioning
  53. Management of polycystic nephritis
  54. Downsides of immunotherapy
  55. How insomnia affects the immune system
  56. How hypersomnia affects the immune system
  57. How antibiotics affect cells
  58. The science behind food intolerance
  59. Effects of electricity on plants
  60. Plant adaptability
  61. Animal adaptability
  62. Homosexuality in animals
  63. Effects of hormones on human behaviour
  64. The science behind bipolar disorder
  65. In vitro growing of organs
  66. Problems of DNA testing
  67. Genetic differences in identical twins
  68. Transgenic crops: pros and cons
  69. How sterile environments affect the immune system
  70. Immune system malfunctions
  71. Shortfalls of animal DNA modification
  72. Shortfalls of human DNA modification
  73. Influences of DNA on aging process
  74. How climate affects biodiversity
  75. Unethical uses of animals in medicine
  76. Hormone-influenced psychopathy
  77. Communication in plants
  78. Plant sensory receptors
  79. Plant-insect interactions
  80. How technology protects biodiversity
  81. Impact of modernisation on nature
  82. Regeneration in infant brain cells
  83. Nature conservation policies
  84. Mutation in plasmids
  85. Adaptation in microbiology
  86. Predicting protein structure
  87. Effects of overpopulation
  88. Problems in environmental protection
  89. Enzyme behaviour
  90. Similarities between biochemical and chemical reactions
  91. The structure of proteins
  92. Effects of stress on immunity
  93. Autoimmunity
  94. Graft rejection
  95. Modern technology and plant development
  96. Hormonal therapy
  97. How exercise affects hormones
  98. Causes of mutation
  99. Grafting in animals
  100. Communication in animals
  101. Organic farming
  102. Effects of oil spills
  103. Animal resistance mechanisms
  104. Plant resistance mechanisms
  105. Microbial resistance mechanisms
  106. Ecotourism
  107. Theory of natural selection
  108. Immortality in plants
  109. Immortality in animals
  110. The science behind hypnosis
  111. Marijuana in medicine
  112. Effects of antibiotics on cell structure
  113. Mitosis versus meiosis
  114. DNA replication
  115. Plasmids
  116. Axial growth in plants
  117. Effects of music on termites
  118. Symbiosis in insects
  119. Mendelian theory
  120. Theory of evolution
  121. Contributions of Sigmund Freud
  122. Plant sentience
  123. Adaptation in aquatic organisms
  124. Adaptation in arboreal organisms
  125. Microbial identification
  126. Test for fatty acids
  127. Carbohydrate tests
  128. Microfilm formation
  129. Ideal enzymatic conditions
  130. Common carcinogens
  131. Global warming effects
  132. Metagenomics
  133. Ecology
  134. DNA expansion techniques
  135. Astrobiology
  136. Parasitism in aquatic organisms
  137. Gram staining

The list above is in no way extensive in covering the topics related to biology and biology research paper topics you can write on. There are several other biology research project topics you can write on, but these comprise of research paper topics biology students, and anybody else, can choose from, for their writing.