69 Biology Research Question Ideas

The world of science is filled with questions and mysteries, and 69 of those questions are listed here.

Biology Research Questions Examples

Here are some biology research question ideas you should have in mind. Also, there are different biology research questions ib categories below.

  1. How can pathogenic diseases be used as biological weapons?
  2. How are ones genes related to their chances of developing diabetes?
  3. How does immortality display in animals?
  4. How much information can the brain store?
  5. Are there cancer forms that are not life-threatening?
  6. How true are the theories of human origin?
  7. What are the differences between human cloning and animal cloning?
  8. Have plants been cloned successfully?
  9. How does poaching disrupt the balance of the respective ecosystems?
  10. How do corticosteroids cause cancer?
  11. What is the mechanism of action of the HIV?
  12. How do eukaryotic cells differ from prokaryotic cells?
  13. How is osmosis vital to plant survival?
  14. Does chlorophyll play an indispensible role in plants?
  15. How do human cells form proteins?
  16. Does smoking affect the liver?
  17. How does hypoxemia disrupt brain functions?
  18. What are the short term effects of smoking in the development of a foetus?
  19. What are the long term effects of smoking in the development of a foetus?
  20. How do human activities erode coral reefs?
  21. What does animal biology have to do with archaeology?
  22. How has the study of genetics developed in the last ten years?
  23. What branches of evolution are considered to be dead or obsolete?
  24. Do probiotics guarantee optimum health?
  25. How does immunotherapy do more harm than good?
  26. How is the DNA formed?
  27. What is the “jumping gene” occurrence?
  28. How does DNA transposition occur?
  29. Is the RNA more vital than the DNA?
  30. How can genetics help unravel problems in offspring?
  31. How many types of cloning exist?
  32. What changes can cloning bring about in the field of medicine?
  33. Is it possible to alter the DNA to reverse the process of aging?
  34. How does graft rejection occur?
  35. How do humans pose a threat to the advancement of science?
  36. Can genetically modified organisms cause a revolution in world diet?
  37. How does the vegan lifestyle affect the production and distribution of meat?
  38. What effect does exercising have on hormone regulation?
  39. How many functions does the hormone oxytocin carry out?
  40. What is the place of modern technology in treating plant diseases?
  41. What are the effects of human overpopulation on the planet?
  42. What are the markers for a developing tumour?
  43. How much do modern conservation methods work?
  44. How is energy transferred in the human body?
  45. How is ATP formed?
  46. Is ATP more important than ADP?
  47. Why is ATP referred to as the energy currency of the body?
  48. Do plants sense chemical processes?
  49. How are adults unable to regenerate damaged brain parts?
  50. How are culture spheroids formed?
  51. Does oxygen reach all parts of the body through the blood?
  52. Do humans only taste four different flavours?
  53. Are all actions controlled by nerves?
  54. Aside from the basic five, what other senses do humans have?
  55. Do birds rely on their sense of smell?
  56. Are bats really blind, or have they evolved to not use their eyes?
  57. Why do DNA samples collected from different parts of a person differ?
  58. Does evolution translate to increasing advancement of species?
  59. What do ice crystals in meat signify?
  60. Are tardigrades the most resilient microbes ever?
  61. What kind of problems come from protecting the environment?
  62. Can microplastics be digested without problems?
  63. How do microorganisms react to different metals?
  64. How do plants fight off diseases naturally?
  65. What does fast food have to do with forests going extinct
  66. How does hunting whales affect the environment?
  67. How do moths differ from butterfly?
  68. So mental health problems have scientific backings?
  69. How does the environment affect DNA testing?

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