70 Fresh Biology Research Topics for College Students

College students in the field of biology will have to write at least one research paper throughout the period of their study. You would agree with me that writing the research papers would be so much easier if there were solid, reliable topics to write about or direct questions to answer.

If you’re a college student, or you know someone who’s in that field, and you need a list of good biology research topics for college students, then look no further. Because of this article, you now have access to 70 different and fresh biology research topics for college students.

70 Different Biology Research Topics College Students Would Love

Read on to find 70 of the best biology research topics college students can choose from, for their research papers. These topics offer just the right amount of challenge for college students to put in the effort needed to make a successful paper. They are not just challenging, they are also interesting.

  1. The role of microorganisms in the processes involved in brewery
  2. The various mechanisms of viral resistance and adaptation
  3. The different methods that microbes adapt to their environment
  4. The difference between virions and viroids
  5. The fundamental importance of vaccines in human life
  6. The role of bacteria in human the immune system
  7. Normal flora and fauna found in the human body
  8. Discuss the different protozoan groups
  9. Effects of exercise on immune system
  10. The role of microfilms in ensuring microbial safety
  11. Effects of anaemia on the human body
  12. The role of the kidneys in blood purification
  13. The importance of the liver in the human body
  14. Effects of illnesses on the growth of humans and animals
  15. Parasitic relationship between plants
  16. Parasitism in animals
  17. The brains reaction to trauma
  18. How the brain retains information
  19. How helper T cells work
  20. Functions of the red blood cells
  21. Discuss the structure of haemoglobin
  22. The importance of magnesium in the body
  23. Discuss lead poisoning and its effects
  24. Autoimmunity in plants
  25. Prevention of plant pathology
  26. Adaptation of plants to salt water
  27. Cerebral oedemas
  28. Enemas: a necessary evil
  29. Mechanisation in the operating room
  30. The pathology of cystic fibrosis
  31. Hermaphroditic organisms
  32. Effects of steroids on the skin
  33. Asexual reproduction in plants
  34. The importance of polymerase chain reaction
  35. Identification of viruses
  36. How hormones control reproduction
  37. The importance of homemade remedies
  38. Synthesis of steroids in human cells
  39. The relationship between genetics and organ rejection
  40. How the environment is affected by the fashion industry
  41. Factors that contribute to extinction
  42. The link between genetics and schizophrenia
  43. The link between genetics and mental disorders
  44. The effects of poaching on the environment
  45. Desert encroachment and the hazards it brings
  46. How microorganisms can fill the gap created by raw metals
  47. How alcohol impairs cognitive function
  48. The release and regulation of oxytocin
  49. The role of genetics in determining body structure
  50. Adaptive features of plants to arid environments
  51. Discuss the spread of zoonotic diseases
  52. Acquired disease resistance in plants
  53. Different methods of wildlife conservation
  54. Effects of vibration on blood flow
  55. Heavy metals and the problems they cause
  56. Human causes of extinction
  57. How the brain protects itself
  58. Factors that contribute to evolution
  59. Parasitism in plants
  60. Hypersensitivity in humans
  61. Impacts of climate change on animals
  62. Cell differentiation in humans
  63. Behaviours of orcas in their natural environment
  64. Temperature regulation in benthic zones
  65. Hyper-parasitism in animals
  66. Quality control measures in ensuring drug purity during production
  67. Effects of spoilage causing microorganisms outside their natural habitat
  68. The contributions of cloning to modern day science
  69. The link between genetics and obesity
  70. Environmental factors that influence eating disorders

All these topics were specially created with the mind of engaging and informing the readers and writer. With these biology research topics, college students can rest easy, knowing that their research papers cover as many important and interesting topics as possible.

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