75 Useful Molecular Biology Research Topics

The area of molecular research in biology is both a well-studied one and a mysterious one. Despite the vast amount of knowledge in this field of science, very little is still known about all its workings. The need to know more about how the world works on a molecular level, has led to this compilation of molecular biology research topics.

Research Topics on Molecular Biology

Below are 75 molecular biology research topics that will prove useful in your quest for knowledge.

  1. Significance of meiosis
  2. Differences and similarities between meiosis and mitosis
  3. The importance of the plasma membrane
  4. The vehicles of genetics
  5. Display of dominance in alleles
  6. The occurrence of co-dominance
  7. Genetic transmission amongst organisms
  8. Harmful experiments on the human DNA
  9. Genetics and increasing life expectancy
  10. Different forms of cloning techniques
  11. Spontaneous mutation in humans
  12. Spontaneous mutation in plants
  13. Spontaneous mutation in animals
  14. How GMOs can help feed the world
  15. Cloning as a major breakthrough in science
  16. Relationship between genetics and sexual orientation
  17. Genetic disorders in GMOs
  18. Evolution of DNA technology and techniques
  19. Effects of addictions on the genes
  20. Development of molecular biology over time
  21. Major milestones in the journey of molecular biology
  22. Effects of plant hormones on animal cells
  23. In vitro manufacturing of growth hormones
  24. The phenomenon of polypeptide folding
  25. Safe treatment of genetic malfunctions
  26. DNA sequencing in the expression of Down’s Syndrome
  27. Using DNA modification to treat mutation
  28. Diseases from rearrangement of chromosomes
  29. Diagnosis of diseases using DNA
  30. Diagnosis of infectious diseases with the DNA
  31. Diabetes and heredity
  32. The journey of evolution
  33. Asexual reproduction
  34. Human cloning
  35. The ethics of genetic cloning
  36. Hypertension and heredity
  37. Depression and heredity
  38. Alzheimer’s disease and heredity
  39. Tay-Sach’s disease and heredity
  40. Addiction and heredity
  41. Mutation in fruit crops
  42. Ethics of genetic editing
  43. Transmission of synapses to and from the brain
  44. How does the brain create link in memories?
  45. How the brain sends information to the rest of the body
  46. How is the information in the DNA read by the body?
  47. What are the environmental factors that can lead to mutation?
  48. Can environmental factors cause a change in a persons genome?
  49. How molecular biology can help recover DNA of extinct species
  50. How mutation can help combat illnesses
  51. Role of genetics in cancer research
  52. Essential equipment used in molecular biology
  53. Easy ways of DNA extraction
  54. Gram positive bacteria versus Gram negative bacteria
  55. Resilience in bacterial coatings
  56. Adaptive features of viruses
  57. Purposes of human cloning
  58. How GMOs can be viewed as a threat

Cell Biology Research Topics

Below are some cell biology research topics that you can choose to write from, and that will satisfy your curiosity. If you’ve ever wanted to know just how simple and simultaneously complex the cells of living things are, then you will find this list very helpful. These topics were specifically compiled based on the current trends in cellular biology, as well as trends that have left a lasting impression throughout the world of molecular biology.

  1. Embryonic stem cell creation
  2. Structural differences between sickle cell and normal cells
  3. How cells can repair bones
  4. How do cells move around within the body?
  5. What can make a cell to be poorly formed?
  6. Communication between cells
  7. How does the body dispose dead cells?
  8. The link between cell structure and resistance development
  9. Basic techniques applied in cell molecular biology
  10. What is the origin of living cells?
  11. How osmosis occurs in living cells
  12. Effects of antibiotics on bacterial cell membrane
  13. How viruses mask their presence within cells
  14. Advantages of embryonic stem cells
  15. Molecular advancements that can provide insights to cell functioning
  16. Regeneration of cells in animals
  17. Cell division

As is seen above, this list offers valuable biology research topics, alongside different cellular biology research topics, so yes; you can find cell biology research topics here too.

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