Top 90 Human Biology Research Topics

Human biology research topics give an insight to human life, and an insight to the relationship with the environment. Below is a list of human biology research topics, as well as other related human biology topics to research.

Human Biology Research Paper Topics

Here are some human biology research paper topics, as well as a few cancer biology research topics.

  1. Dependence of mankind on plants
  2. The relationship between globalisation and sleep deprivation
  3. The degree of protection the immune system provides
  4. The role of hormones in regulating reproduction
  5. Hormonal changes during pregnancy
  6. Hormonal changes specific to men
  7. Hormonal changes specific to women
  8. The role of enzymes in ensuring full health
  9. The role of enzymes in regulating metabolic processes
  10. Hormones and their effects on human activities
  11. Functions of the different layers of the skin
  12. The importance of vestigial organs
  13. The role of the spleen
  14. The different human muscle tissues
  15. The blood as a tissue in the human body
  16. Immune system defence mechanisms
  17. The interconnection between the respiratory and digestive systems
  18. Signs of anaemia in the body
  19. The mechanisms of action of synapses
  20. Psychological influences on human health
  21. The link between the brain and emotions
  22. How does the liver perform its many functions?
  23. The excretory system: an overview
  24. The connection between all the systems of the human body
  25. Arrhythmia and its effects
  26. Different transport systems in the human body
  27. Sleep paralysis
  28. Somnambulism in children
  29. The effectiveness of the sodium-potassium pump
  30. The protective role of the skin
  31. Diseases that affect the digestive system
  32. Blood filtration in the kidneys
  33. The prevalence of colour blindness in males versus females
  34. Human susceptibility to illnesses with age
  35. Cell suicide on the tongue
  36. Where do congenital disorders come from?
  37. Discuss the similarities between innate immunity and acquired immunity
  38. Effects of red meat on humans
  39. The different types of population distribution
  40. Measures taken to control population
  41. The contributions of Pavlov to science
  42. How do animals influence adaptive immunity in humans?
  43. The effects of a non-sterile environment on the human immune system
  44. How do thought patterns form in humans?
  45. Discuss the stages of development in the human brain

Other Human Biology Topics to Research

  1. Effects of aging on the human mind
  2. Illnesses that affect the immune system
  3. The severity and occurrence of Crohn’s Disease
  4. The psychological effects of abortion
  5. How insomnia affects the digestive system
  6. The impacts of hypersomnia on the digestive system
  7. Environmental factors that lead to population growth
  8. Dependence of mankind on plants
  9. Relationships between globalisation and sleep deprivation
  10. Conservation of biodiversity
  11. Significance of the amniotic fluid to foetuses.
  12. Predisposing factors of Down Syndrome.
  13. Prostate cancer in young men.
  14. Breast cancer in men.
  15. Parkinson’s disease
  16. Humans as test subjects in medical practices
  17. Is it possible for the human body to develop adaptive features to fire?
  18. What are the genetic factors that play a role in determining a person’s behaviour?
  19. Is intelligence affected by one’s behaviour?
  20. The link between genetics and cognitive development
  21. Regulation of hormonal levels in the human body
  22. How information processing takes place in the brain
  23. How human activities have resulted in the destruction of the environment
  24. In what ways have human activities contributed to extinction in other organisms?
  25. Is it ethical to use humans as test subjects?
  26. The place of competition in bringing out the adaptive features in humans
  27. Human reactions to shortage of resources due to overpopulation
  28. How humans have posed the biggest threat to the advancement of science
  29. Human exploration: the drive to know more
  30. The shortcomings of the human metabolic system
  31. The role of microbes in human immunity
  32. How does nutrition affect human behaviour?
  33. How do thought patterns map a path for the body to follow?
  34. What are the functions of the skeletal system?
  35. How does the brain regulate metabolism?
  36. What does human blood consist of?
  37. The possibility of a stable population in the future
  38. How do supplements affect human developmental processes?
  39. Human activities that result in environmental pollution
  40. Human activities that help conserve the environment
  41. Effects of radiation on humans
  42. Diseases transmission in humans
  43. Similarities between human anatomy and animal anatomy
  44. Anthropology over the years
  45. History of human population

Human biology is one of the most interesting branches of biology, so these topics will give you and your readers an intriguing insight into the workings of the human body and mind.

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