77 Easy Marine Biology Research Topics

The marine habitat is a world of wonder, with more undiscovered mysteries than what we know. The curiosity born from these gaps in knowledge is enormous, so research is necessary to provide as much information as possible.

A sacrosanct part of this information is finding the right aquatic biology research topics to base your paper on. Whether you are a student, or looking to carry out research in the field of marine biology, having good marine biology research topics will be of immense help to you.

Interesting Marine Biology Research Topics to Explore

  1. How do bioluminescent animals produce their light?
  2. The adaptability of bioluminescent animals to their habitats
  3. The relationship between the clownfish and sea anemone
  4. How are pearls formed?
  5. The impact of plastic wastes in marine habitats
  6. Forms of pollution in marine environment
  7. The four classes of marine biology
  8. Effects of climate change in marine habitats
  9. Phytoplanktons in the food chain
  10. Immunity in fishes
  11. Disease tolerance in oysters
  12. The diversity of marine organisms
  13. Parasites of aquatic organisms
  14. Buoyancy in sharks
  15. The marine food chain
  16. Adaptation of aquatic organisms to salinity
  17. Adaptation of aquatic organisms to fresh water
  18. The current rise in sea levels, and the consequences
  19. Effects of underwater movement of tectonic plates on marine life
  20. Symbiotic relationships between marine animals
  21. Parasitic organisms that affect whales
  22. Adaptation of birds to marine environment
  23. Mutation in aquatic organisms due to chemical spills
  24. Effects of toxins in marine habitats
  25. Melting glaciers and its effects on marine life
  26. Causes of fish die-offs
  27. Bioremediation in deep waters
  28. Factors that contribute to changes in oceans
  29. Aestivation in African lungfish
  30. Factors that lead to depletion of oxygen in marine habitats
  31. Causes of acidification in oceans
  32. How greenhouse gasses affect marine life
  33. The toxicity of sea anemones
  34. Feeding and metabolism in starfishes
  35. Reasons for dying of coral reefs
  36. What whale migration says about their behaviour
  37. Reasons for migration in dolphins
  38. Food web in marine habitats
  39. The contribution of microorganisms in marine environment
  40. Behavioural adaptation of x-ray fishes to avoiding predators
  41. Diversity of marine plants
  42. Reproduction in marine animals
  43. Different sources of pollutants in marine environments
  44. Effects of nitrogen and phosphorus accumulation in marine environments
  45. Microplastics: small objects, big problems
  46. Migration of microplastic toxins along the food chain
  47. Ways of reducing the problem of plastic in marine habitats
  48. Marine dumping
  49. Conservation of coral reefs
  50. Control of water pollution
  51. Distinctive features of marine fishes
  52. Energy pyramids in marine environments
  53. Relationship between selected marine organisms
  54. Diversity of corals
  55. Effets of ocean acidification on clownfish
  56. Effects of ocean acidification on other marine forms
  57. Ways of minimising ocean acidification
  58. Formation and effects of marine snow
  59. Camouflage in octopuses
  60. Adaptation of squids to their habitat
  61. Reasons for migration in albatrosses
  62. Migration in zooplankton
  63. Adaptive features of marine plants
  64. The role of sargassum plays in marine habitats
  65. Sinking of marine waste products
  66. formation of calcium sediments
  67. protection of marine habitats
  68. Viral infections in primary producers of food in marine habitats
  69. Importance of calcium carbonate to marine organisms
  70. Relationship between climate change and ocean acidification
  71. Heat waves in marine habitats
  72. Impact of heat waves on marine life
  73. Causes of harmful algal blooms in marine habitats
  74. Relationship between ocean acidification and marine algal bloom
  75. Effects of depletion of oxygen in marine ecosystems
  76. Interaction between the atmosphere and marine habitats
  77. Oxygen distribution along ocean depths.

These marine biology research topics are an accumulation of matters, questions and dark areas of knowledge in aquatic biology research. Your paper will provide the much needed knowledge to know more about what marine ecosystems offer.

Any of the topics you choose, you can rest assured that they are unique, interesting, and very engaging, no matter the audience. They are also easy to write about, no matter your level.

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